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Challenge Accepted

For the first time ever in my adult life I am out of work. Made redundant. Not through choice did I find myself with nowhere to go one Monday morning.

What do you do? Embrace the opportunity to take some time off? It is very difficult to 'embrace' time off when you don't know how long your forced sabbatical will last...and when you're someone who has worked part time even while at school, college and worked 2 jobs for years when you were younger, its tough. Actually it was terrifying. I have always worked.

So my first response was... find job, need job, find job, need job... but, frankly, I didn't want just any job... having spent 14 years in a company and in roles that evolved, changed and developed over those years, just as the company grew and changed ...I wanted a new challenge. A new industry.

Which industries... what type of role? While I was busy putting together my resume and scouring the web for roles..... i had a little loop going around and around in my mind ... find job, want job, find job... before I drove myself and him nuts... my husband sat me down and went... "Do not look. Take some time off, enjoy the next few months. As soon as you find a role you'll dive in and immerse yourself in that role... this time you have right now, is a great opportunity.. take it, embrace it." as I looked at him dubiously....."I challenge you to try to enjoy this time..."

Challenge accepted!

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