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skills & experience

  • 18 years experience managing teams.    Responsible for recruitment, retention and development.  Budgetary control for department.

  • Communications authority and influencer - lead on incident communication protocol.  Communications and engagement strategy and initiatives.

  • Event management - regional experience.  Single to three day events.  10- 350 attendees.  Budget responsibility.

  • Travel policy adherence - approving authority for out of policy and business class travel.  Persuading and engaging with global management and associates so as to generate a culture of understanding and voluntary adherence to policy.

  • Point of contact for global management on all client business terms and agreements.

  • Special advisor to steering committee on change management, learning and development.

  • Internal & external communications - working with stakeholders on leadership communication, employee engagement, brand management and communications strategies and initiatives.

  • Transformation and change communications.

  • Intranet - design, establishment and content management.  see intranet section below for more details.

  • Crisis communications management - assessment of impact and developed internal and external communications plan and message dissemination.  Established and was lead on Incident Communications Protocol.

  • Media - handling all media and speaking engagements of stakeholders, liaising with industry media, research and preparation of presentation and interview material.

  • Social media - establish and manage social media identity

  • PR - identified and engaged PR firms

  • Advertising - managed all advertising. 

  • Publishing - managed internally produced publication.  Wrote, edited, published and distributed hard and soft copies.

  • Client development - working with stakeholders on RFIs, PowerPoint presentations, flash reports, management summaries.

  • Video - content development, vendor appointment, managed shoots, editing and distribution.  Worked with CEO on speech, presentation style and delivery.

Learning & Development

Training development and delivery

eLearning tools assessment, selection and implementation

Planning, coordination and delivery of training programmes


Policy administration and management

Event management and administration

Contract management and administration

ad hoc project management

  • Travel and expense policy overhaul and implementation globally

  • Budgetary responsibility for department

  • Review and approval of all hotel, airline and travel agency appointments and contracts.

  • Relocation of several small offices

  • Establishment of recruitment business, arranged business registration, company bank accounts, MPF, domain name registration.  Appointment of company secretarial and audit firm.  Handled all invoicing, payroll of permanent and temporary staff, all company accounts (using MYOB) and MPF payments.

  • Business Continuity Planning and implementation

  • Over 16 years events experience

  • Single day to week long events.

  • Locations : Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Delhi, Seoul and Macau

  • Attendees : 20 - 350 attendees

  • Seminars, luncheons, dinners, conference, vendor summits, appreciation events, annual dinners.

  • Prizes, gifts and award selection

  • Venue identification, negotiation and sign off.

  • Production company retention and management

  • Budgets range from US$3,000 - US$300,000

learning & development
  • 6 years as a training consultant - commercial training to adults in classes of 30 or more.  In house training for various companies.

  • eLearning platform assessment, selection, development

  • New employee orientation programme development and establishment

  • Special advisor to steering committee on learning and development

  • Work with CFO and external counsel on client contracts and negotiations.

  • Responsible for preparation, analysis of proposed amendments, correspondence, summation and distribution of information pertaining to agreements

  • Point of contact for management globally for client contract terms

  • Instrumental in obtaining CEO & Chairman buy-in for establishment of company's first intranet

  • Identified external vendor, hired and managed webmaster for development and ongoing programme development

  • Designed, developed and launched the intranet

  • Day to day content management

  • Intranet was designed to be mobile compatible so as to be accessible to a third of the workforce that work remotely

  • As well as standard features: employee profile, forms and regular files, HR functions, the platform was developed to cater for the unique business model.  Client centric sites, forum capabilities and functional specific sites such as quality assurance, were designed to improve engagement and collaboration across geographically diverse teams.

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